Heatwave - Boogie Nights


Ano: 1977
Disco: Too Hot to Handle

Letra da Música:

Boogie nights oh
Boogie nights, boogie nights
Boogie nights
Ain't no doubt we are here to party
Boogie nights
Come on now got to get it started
Dance with the boogie get down
'Cause boogie nights are always
The best in town
Got to keep on dancing
Keep on dancing
Got to keep on dancing
Keep on dancing
(Party night)
Can you show that you know how
To do it
(Boogie nights)
Do it, do it
Party night
Get on down with the sound of
The music
(Boogie nights)
Music, music
Boogie nights
Get that groove
Let it take you higher
Boogie nights
Make it move
Set this place on fire
Boogie nights
It's so right
When you got that feeling
Boogie nights
Hold it tight
Got to keep on dealing

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